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What to Do After a Car Accident While Driving a Rental?

Posted in Car Accidents on May 19, 2022

A car accident can be stressful enough on its own without the added complication of driving a rental car. You may have heard different things about whether or not your own auto insurance provider will cover property damage done to a rental vehicle. Find out exactly what to do after a car accident while driving…

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What Happens If a Drunk Driver Hits You in San Antonio, Texas

Posted in Car Accidents on May 12, 2022

Driving while intoxicated is a dangerous and reckless driver behavior that causes thousands of injuries and deaths in Texas every year. In 2018 alone, 961 people in Texas lost their lives due to drunk drivers. This represented 26% of all car accident deaths in 2018. If you get into an accident with a drunk driver…

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What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do That You Can’t?

Posted in personal injury on May 9, 2022

It is not a requirement to retain a personal injury attorney in Texas to represent you in Texas. You’re welcome to represent yourself during insurance settlement negotiations and even in a trial, but there’s a reason the overwhelming majority of plaintiffs opt for professional help. There are many things lawyers can do that the typical…

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What Steps Should I Take After I Was the Victim of a Hit and Run Accident?

Posted in Car Accidents on May 2, 2022

Being in a car accident is bad enough, but being the victim of a hit and run is even worse. Who will pay for your injuries and vehicle’s damages? Each state has a different set of laws addressing hit and run accidents. The following will help you understand the rules in Texas, what to expect,…

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Calculating Lost Wages From a Car Accident

Posted in Car Accidents on April 28, 2022

A car accident resulting in injury tends to have a snowball effect; hospital stay, recovery time, surgery if necessary and extensive bills for all of the above are just a few of the problems with which you might have to contend. Another is lost wages from missed work. This can have lasting damage on your…

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Determining Liability for a Car Accident in Texas

Posted in Car Accidents on April 23, 2022

If you get into a car accident in Texas, you will hear the term liability when going through the insurance process or a personal injury lawsuit. In legalese, liability means legal and financial responsibility for an accident and related injuries. Holding someone liable for your car accident means that person or party will have to…

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What are Common Problems Survivors of Catastrophic Accidents Experience?

Posted in aircraft accident, boat accident, Car Accidents, Construction Accidents, Dog Bites on April 22, 2022

Negligence is a common factor that contributes to catastrophic accidents – whether a person drove while using a cell phone, drank on the job, or failed to maintain his or her property. When this happens, the party who caused the damage can be taken to court and sued for outstanding expenses. However, Texas law also…

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San Antonino Crosswalk Accident Lawyer

Posted in Car Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents on April 20, 2022

While crosswalks aren’t taken seriously in a lot of cities, in San Antonino area we do take them seriously – but in the wrong way. Many of the crosswalks in San Antonino are nearly invisible to drivers and pedestrians, whether due to design or due to lack of maintenance. The brown/gray brick patterns on black asphalt…

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How to Deal With Head Injuries After a Car Accident

Posted in Brain Injury, Car Accidents on April 12, 2022

One of the most common types of injuries suffered in auto accidents in San Antonio is a head injury. Head injuries, such as skull fractures or contusions, can lead to brain trauma. A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can cause significant symptoms that impact the victim for life. It is critical to know how to…

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How Insurance Companies Investigate Car Accidents

Posted in Car Accidents on April 4, 2022

After you get into a car accident in San Antonio and file an insurance claim, you will need to go through the insurance company’s investigation process before you can obtain a financial settlement. Certain things about how insurance companies investigate car accidents are important to know as a claimant, as they can prevent the insurance…

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